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“I’m so in love with your boots. I ran my gelding tonight in a really deep sandy pen. I took my boots off couldn’t believe how clean his legs are!” – Natasha

“Hello, I recently purchased your boots yesterday and used them at the patriot open breakaway and I love them ! Absolutely no dirt, easy to put on and take off also fitted great. I will be back today to pick up another set and bell boots.” – Cammie F

“I love them! I used all 4 Friday but changed my fronts up I definitely want to get more the difference is unreal!!! I had zero fall out of yalls and the others had a ton come out!!” – Brittany

“We got to meet you at Ft Worth. We love every product we have tried.“ – Katie

“Love them!” – Mike

“I got the boots. I’m really liking them” – Lyn

The Name, Brand X Equine is new, but the knowledge behind the design of the boots is 20+ years in the industry. Having designed boots for many of the industry leaders, we decided it was time to make our own name. Truth be known, there’s a really good chance you have equine boots in your barn that was made by the master designer.

Now, the most asked question…

What makes these boots better than the rest?

    • High Density EVA foam –  The same foam  used to protect football players and motocross riders.
    • SBR Neoprene – For Longevity and elasticity of the boot
    • Japanese UBL outer –  This outer help to prevent that “fuzzing” a lot of boots are prone to get
    • The hook (better known as velcro ® ) is strong and long lasting
    • The sling strap is at a 45 degree angle that easily wraps and attaches to the boot
    • The bottom of the boot is contoured. This helps prevent the dirt from getting under the boot
    • We are a small company, devoted to bettering the protection we use on our horses. 
    • We love hearing from our customers! We want to know how you like your products. We love seeing pictures and  hearing stories.
    • If you have a question, please don’t hesitate. Send an email, contact us on Instagram or Facebook.

We believe there exists a better way to do business. One that considers the horse and owner equally. One that offers the best proven designs with the best materials at the best price!