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Some Bell boots claim to be “Bullet Proof” and other wildly unimaginable claims because the have used some unique material.  And, Yes, let’s get this over with now!  We do use Kevlar in the construction of our boots but, don’t go shoot your horse in the leg to see if its bullet proof!  It’s not!  However, what we do offer is a smart, well constructed Bell Boot that is made with superior materials.  What we do not offer is a gimmick.  Nope, no plastic, no everlasting gobstopper fold over strap (more on this in a moment, if you read on) or any other fancy features.  Just the best boot for the best price!


We use durable 1680 Denier Nylon as the base material of the outer.


Over that, we lay Dupont Kevlar that is both sewn and glued down to create both, the bottom binding and the over-reach panel


We have double padding on the interior but, not to protect the hoof, its hard enough!  We do it to protect the Coronet Band!


Foam no-turn bulb


A unique fit angle that snugs the overreach panel up against the bulbs with that double padding.  After all, the whole point of the boot is to protect them.


Last but not least, we have doubled up the circumference of the knit covered foam cuff.  This cuff works in conjunction with the no-turn bulb to hold your boot securely in place and further protects the Coronet Band.

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