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Our hind boots are built to the unique anatomy of the rear fetlock.  It features all of the same great materials as our Front Boots (which most of this is copied from) but, it also has a completely different “bottom line”.  Read more below to discover how and why our Hind Boots are different!

We use only highest quality Japanese UBL on the outer of our boot.  This material is the most durable on the market today and resist “fuzzing up” more than some of the lesser materials used in the market today.

We also use the some of the most aggressive hook material on our straps to attach to the UBL ensuring a snug, secure fit.  And, at the end of those straps, we have sewn in nifty pull tab that will allow you to take them on in off with gloves on and/or not break a fingernail.

The interior neoprene is SBR Neoprene and has the best qualities and durability for athletic support of all of the varieties available.

Padding for Protection is achieved utilizing High Density EVA Foam.  The same foam used in athletic padding in contact sports such as football and hockey.

The interior is lined with a soft, silky Poly knit material that will not catch or hold hair.

Our Hind boots are considerably taller and bigger around than our Front Boots simply because the anatomy of the horse demands it!

Probably the most amazing thing about our boot is the combination of the “bottom line” that is contoured to fit the distal pastern closely coupled with the thickness of the neoprene we chose.  When applied correctly, these boots almost never get dirt in the them.  Now, check this out!  The “Bottom Line” on our hind boots is different than the front!  The wave had to be slightly different in it to accommodate the girth of the fetlock and pastern.  If we would have simply just made a one size larger front boot taller, we would not have been able to keep the dirt out as effectively!

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